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You're entering a world of pain.

2007-08-17 16:31:51 by jenova-absolute

So whats going on, I havent got a clue. Err, theres lots of flash I'd like to make, I haven't submitted anything in ages but I really wanna complete something to contribute to the site. I've tryed over the last several years but it seems I just can't develop a personal style like succesful animators like david firth who seems to come up with a new and ingenius style with each flash he makes. I wanna make some proper flash since the closest thing I have to that is moogle adventures, the first and only episode which I look back at today and lol at because of the poor graphics and piconjo schism which even though it's a piconjo flash I look back at it and say, wow, I managed to compose the many scenes and assemble them into some kind sense, I feel like I could never do that now.

I started a project a while back that I haven't completed and don't know if I will so I may aswell share some of the little art I have. It's jenova from FF7, and no its not some fanboy faggery, its something I thought would be interesting and allow me to be origional storywise which is hard considering I'm using an already created character.

Anywhoo! I hope to stop bumming around and make something soon!

You're entering a world of pain.


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2007-08-17 20:58:05

Looks good. Try not to compare yourself to other authors too much. It could actually stunt your creativity and have fun. :) Good luck.