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Give Wade's Beard some Love!

2008-03-03 16:20:10 by jenova-absolute

C'mon people, Wade is the original bearded Fulp, where is he nowadays anyway?

Anywhoo to change the subject I was looking at some of my old reviews today, its funny how people change.

submission: FF Tribute - Chocobo Mix
date: December 26, 2003
''Ive seen it a hundred times and its still cracks me up'

Haha, man, I used to love legendary frog, like every 13 year old, but how things changed!

submission: PICONJO's Legendary Fight
date: November 19, 2004
'Could you please respond to this and tell me what the fuck piconjo is because everyone else seems to know.'

Lmao, thats funny considering I've made 4 piconjo flashes to date since then :P

submission: Metal Gear Crisis 1.1
date: April 3, 2005
'Ive never give an LF movie a low score but these sitcom jokes are getting really old. No wonder so many people like piconjo since he has you in tears with his movies. I also think it sucks that everyone is saying "I love all your movies" to LF and saying nothing to Nalo although he did most of the animation. Well I say NALO, you rock.'

Now that I think about it, NALO probably sucks cock too. And so were reach End Game!

submission: The Hobbit - Act I
date: November 22, 2007

'Firstly, you're several years late in parodying lord of the rings. The second criticism is that your drawing skills have improved a pathetically small amount in the last several years and your humor is still that of a 12 year old. The over exaggerated Sauron voice is fucking annoying as is pretty much everything in this flash. You still seem to think having posters with your other characters on in the background is cool but the only people that will even care are the 12 year olds and fat anime fangirls that dominate your site. Here's a crazy idea, how about for once you make a flash that isn't a parody?'

Man the fun times that were had. If you're a long time NG user you should try looking at some of your old reviews, you could end up surprising yourself 'Did I write that?'

p.s. my beard>wade's beard>tom's beard


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2008-03-03 16:35:14

I remember writing a bad review for sean-joystick's mario parody. Man those were the days


2008-03-15 16:40:45

MAKe another FF7 hentai game :[